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The Playing Hall is all set up for the 1st Round

Preparing the lobby for the players arrival

The 2018 PanAm Seniors have come to an end on St Croix. The tournament's first round was on December 8th and the players are leaving St Croix on Dec 14th.

All categories were merged in line with the requirements.

The results were as follows:


1st Place: IM Leon Piasetski (CAN)

2nd Place: FM Jorge Molina (BOL)

3rd Place: Julie O'Neill (USA)

4th Place: Hanniegn Pitre (USA)


1st Place: IM Pelikian Jefferson (BRA)

2nd Place: IM Bernardo Roselli Mailhe (URU)

3rd Place: FM Diego Mussanti (ARG)

4th Place: Paul Fields (USA)

5th Place: CM Nestor Sosa (PAN)

6th Place: CM Nicholas Schoonmaker (USA)

7th Place: IM Pedro Rodriguez Rivera (CUB)

8th Place: Lawrence Cohen (USA)

9th Place: Peter Thau (USA)

10th Place: Clark Brown (USA)

The full standings can also be found on (