2024 USVI Chess Federation Annual Meeting

Date: March 23, 2024

Time: 10:00 am

Zoom Meeting

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                The US Virgin Islands held their District Chess Championships over the first two weekends of December.

                   A total of 30 chess enthusiasts participated. This is the most ever in the USVI District Chess Championships! 

2023 St. Croix Open

Scholastic Chess Championship 

April 22, 2023

The 2023 St. Thomas District Chess Championship was held on December 9-10.

St. Thomas District Open Champion is Darryl Allen, 2nd place is Abram Williams and 3rd place is Ger'Lanni Straun.

St. Thomas District Women's Champion is Eva Williams, 2nd place is Leah Williams, and 3rd place is Ruth Laplante

Some of these players have been playing chess together for over 30 years and others were new young students.

Elementary, middle school and high school competed in three divisions in this five round Chess Championship. In the Under 19 Division, the winners were Isaiah Benjamin (1st place), and Nathan Benjamin (2nd place). In the Under 14 Division the winners were Ian Ainger (1st place), William Gentilucci (2nd place),  and Sara Jones (3rd place). Also, honorable mention awards went to Jadora Burke, Stacey Christopher and Taino Esannason. In the Under 10 Division, the winners were Andrew Trotman (1st place), and Joshua Henry (2nd place). Decorative trophies from the Mitchell-Larsen Studio were presented to the students.

Thanks to the VI Lottery for sponsoring this tournament. Special thanks to Ms. Timothy from Ricardo Richards school for attending this event with the students and the parents who were gracious spectators. We also wish to thank USVI Chess Federation members Akelam Romain and Shawn Williams for assisting at this tournament.

52nd Annual Agricultural & Food Fair

The 2023 St. Croix District Chess Championship was held on December 2-3.

St. Croix District Open Champion is Mighty Funtanilla, ​2nd place is Kimani Knight, and 3rd place is Justin Hair.

St. Croix District Women's Champion is Aaliah Heart-Saret, second place is Vibah Bansal and 3rd place is Jessica Cana.

We've been championing chess since 1993 - join us for a little trip down memory lane below:

St. Croix Open and Women's Qualifying Tournament February 24-25, 2024

Email usvichess@gmail.com for a registration form

Saturday Chess 2023, Anthony teaching class and Reece Creswell visiting from the states!

St. Croix Chess Club Tournament; December 18, 2021

Saturday Chess March 12, 2022. St. Croix Chess Club at Education Connections VI.

St. Croix Open Chess Tournament

April 1-2, 2023 included three players from St. Thomas as well as players from St. Croix.

First Place- Mighty Funtanilla

Second Place- Frank Jackson

Third Place - Robert Collins

       USVI Chess Federation

  Spring Friendship Chess Festival

      April 29 - May 1, 2022

Thank you to our Puerto Rican chess players and arbiter for making this a successful tournament. Everyone had and enjoyable weekend. A special thank you to the FIDE Planning and Development Commission for the generous financial support.

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